Hello sports fans,

This blog is devoted to my favorite sports; the MLB, NFL, and NBA, but is not limited to these three. I am an avid fantasy sports player and am extremely passionate about helping you make some money in your leagues. I feature a couple of writers who are excellent at analyzing sports and you can email any of us with any questions you may have. Enjoy reading!



1 thought on “About”

  1. Hey Nick,

    I really appreciate your feedback on my column and I am glad some of the mentions brought back some memories for you. The intent of the column is to entertain while informing. Being that you seem to be pretty well informed, hopefully you at least got a laugh or two.

    So I took some time to read some of your most recent postings. I like your writing style, which happens to be similar to mine, that is, humor, statistics, and personal opinions. Your all-decade team was a good read, too. I’m going to offer a quick suggestion, if I may.

    When writing about fantasy football, it is very very very important to create topics and write content that is unique to fantasy football, which can be difficult to do. Your “all-decade fantasy team” post, validity aside, is interchangeable with a regular, non-fantasy “all-decade NFL team.” The key is to make it synonomous with, and unique to, fantasy football. “All-_____” team lists are a dime dozen. Finding creative ways to make a column fantasy specific is where the challenge lays. For instance, although Tony G is no doubt the all-decade NFL tight end in terms of career totals and accomplishments, is Antonio Gates worthy of your all-decade fantasy team instead bc he averages more fantasy points in the games he has played? Brian Westbrook was fantasy beast when healthy in Philadelphia. Is Thomas Jones historically a better fantasy player than Westbrook simply bc Jones has more career fantasy points? Now we’re talking about scenarios that are fantasy specific.

    So anyways, I enjoyed your writing and your insight, and thanks for sharing yours, while reading mine.


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