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I told you I would continue my previous post at another time. So here it goes-

Eli Manning throws for 4,500 yards and 30 touchdowns and hosts Saturday Night Live once again. His brother Peyton joins him on Saturday Night Live.

Tim Tebow surplants Mark Sanchez on the depth chart by the fourth game of the season. Mark Sanchez is referred to as disciple in the locker room.

Ray Rice and Beanie Wells start a show on Food Network together. Ay thank you.

Darren McFadden plays a full season and wins the rushing title.

Drew Brees has a solid year despite his coach being suspended. His great play lands him endorsements from a fan company. The sales pitch is “Do you feel the Bree’s?”

Calvin Johnson is the first NFL player to not have the Madden curse. The Detroit Pistons think about signing him to their basketball team.

A.J. Green leads the league in reception yards. How about this projected statline 89/1400/10 TD’s

Roddy White continues to be one of the leagues best wide receivers. His stellar play lands him endorsements from fishing supply companies. Their slogan is “Roddy like our Rods, Why can’t you?”

Aaron Rodgers gets Jordy Nelson a Target gift card for his birthday. The Target card has a note on it that says you’re my new favorite Target.

Trent Richardson only rushes for 800 yards. Rookie running backs still have a tough time in their first year of play.

Marquis Colston experiences a setback in production and he is now known as Marquis COLDston. Ay thank you.

Frank Gore gets hurt once again this year and retires. He is now in the Horror Movie Industry.