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Let’s get hypothetical.

I am looking forward to these possible headlines this year in the 2012 NFL Season.

Tony Romo’s inability to close out games forces him into a new roll in Major League Baseball. In 2013 he becomes a long releiver for the San Diego Padres.

Andrew Luck is on the front of Madden 2014. He breaks the rookie record for touchdown passes.

RGIII turns out to be a complete bust and the Washington Redskins make Rex Grossman their General Manager.

Donald Brown rushes for 1,000 yards and scores 8 touchdowns. The Colts surprise everyone and make inch their way into the playoffs.

Victor Cruz stars scores 12 TD’s and has over 100 receptions. He plunges in a new realm of supertardom and comes out with his own brand of hot sauce called Cruzin 4 Salsa.

ESPN stops covering national sports and soley focues on the New York Yankees, New England Patriots, and the New York Jets.

Terrell Owens scores 9 TD’s and signs another 1 year deal.

Chad Johnson signs with the Bengals. After his first touchdown of the year he headbutts his teammate in attempts of celebrating and gets flagged for it.

Randy Moss plays for 3 different teams and this is finally the end of his career.

Tom Brady takes over Christain Bale’s role in Batman.

Fantasy Football becomes the most popular hobby in the United States. People start going to addiction specialists to tone down the amount of leagues they join.

Stay tuned for more!!