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Is this your first year playing fantasy football? Are you that guy at the bottom of  the league standing year in and year out? Do your friends scoff about your fantasy skills when you are not around? I am here today to save your fantasy lives and help you start winning some leagues and owning the bragging rights. 

A great year in fantasy would of course be to win the championship, but that’s not all that counts. There are injuries, trades, and other variables out of your control that can hinder your chances every year. I am here to tell you that you should atleast make the playoffs every year-that is a reflection of your fantasy skills. Your skills should qualify you for chances to win the big prize. Fantasy football is like poker. Yes, it is a game of chance, but there is a lot of skill involved. The same faces are always staring at each other from across the poker tables come tournament time.

This should be your focus:

  • Identify the positions that have a lot of depth. Take a scan through the NFL and see which positions feature the most players that can score points. This will enable you to wait longer and pick up more value in the earlier rounds. It’s the basic concept of suppy and demand.
  • Pick players in early rounds that comprise most of the league’s scoring style you are in. If you are in a league that favors quarterbacks you may want to draft a Tom Brady, Michael Vick, or Aaron Rodgers in the first round. If the league you are in is a PPR (Points Per Reception) you may want to take a player like Roddy White or Andre Johnson. Your primary focus is to focus on the best player possible relevant to the type of league you are in.
  • Take Risks and Reap Rewards. Leave your wussy conservative style home on Draft day and take some risks. Who knew last year how good Mike Williams or Brandon Lloyd were going to be. Take your chances on sleepers and do not always count on the stats they had the year prior to this upcoming year.

I wish you luck this year unless you are in my draft. I have won 2 straight fantasy baseball championships, made the playoffs in all 4 football leagues I was in last year, and won championships in 2 out of the 3 leagues in Football the year prior to that.

Tell your friends on draft day to “Stop Hatin” on your game and draft like a champ.