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There is always a player who comes out from the woodworks and shows how talented they really are. (See Brandon Lloyd) All it takes is timing and opportunity coming together.

So who is going to go from being good to great this year? Last year we saw Jamall Charles, Hakeem Nicks, Rashard Mendenhall, and Matt Ryan take giant leaps. Greatness is a subjective quality to ascribe to a player, but I believe their wonderful play warrants my acknowledgement.

Let’s set our eyes on this following players.

  • Sam Bradford QB-Rams– Bradford looked very good in his first year in the NFL. On a decent offense with few weapons at receiver he did very well. He will see some familiar faces sprinkled with a new one; Danny Amendola is a protypical slot receiver who will bail him out on 3rd down this year, Danario Alexander’s large frame will compliment their newest addition at receiver-Mike Sims Walker. Let’s not forget the Hawian Sensation at tight end either. Sam Bradford has deadly accuracy and is a student of the game. I think he goes from being good to great this year even in his 2nd year in the league. Yes, I just said that!
  •  Mathias Kiwanuka-OLB-DE-Giants-Kiwanuka is like a salad bar; he does not come one way and has much to offer. Kiwanuka can play defensive end, notching 5 sacks last year in a handful of games before he went down with a neck injury, or he can play outside linebacker in which you will see him on Sunday’s this year on the Giants. He is like the guy in little league that could play every position on the field effectively and you could put confidence in him to get the job done. I believe his knack for hunting down the football like an angler in Boca Grande lookin’ for Tarpon suites the Giants defensive scheme. I will predict he leads the teams in tackles and will become co-defensive captain with his mate Justin Tuck.
  • Josh Freeman-QB-Bucs– This player is the clean clone of Ben Roethlisberger. His teammates entrust him to lead them through the wildfires put forth by opposing teams on Sunday’s and he does it effectively. He has the weapons to disperse the ball too on every play. Freeman has the feet, mind, and skills to make something out of nothing on every play. I can not forget to mention he has a great coach who instills confidence in the young player and empower him to play with out fear. Freeman is destined to be great and it is only a matter of time before it happens.