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  • Which Rookie will make his presence felt this year? Let me make this crystal clear for you.
  • AJ Green-WR Cincinnati– Green has a lot of skills. Unfortunately, I do not think they are going to translate into a productive season this year. It is just too bad that he plays for the Bengals. The team that loss Carson Palmer to the sandy beaches and bingo halls of retirement and their options include Bruce “Servicable” Gradkowski and a rookie named Andy Dalton. Andy Dalton has a good head on his shoulders but he has not faced the competetion the National Football League provides. Cedric Benson has not done much since his great season a couple of years ago and the guy ran for over 300 times last year with a minimal 3.0/per carry mark. Teams will be able to create matchup nightmares for AJ Green with double coverages and extra help because Jordan Shipley will not command much attention. Plus, Andy Dalton will be part of the learning curve in the NFL. My ice cold and bold prediction– 65 receptions- 800 yards- 7 TD’s Not bad for a stud.


  • Julio Jones-WR Atlanta- Mr. Julio Jones will make a tidal wave of a splash in the league of hard knocks this year. With a deadly accurate QB, punishing run attack, and the help of another STUD of a receiver in Roddy White, Julio Jones will be the by-product of a killer offense. He has the skills, speed, and hands dipped in glue to become really great. Teams will not be able to double team Julio Jones because their focus will be on Rowdy Roddy White. Jones will benifit tremedously and you can take it to the bank my eyes are set on this guy in the fantasy drafts. My ice cold and bold prediction 78 receptions 1050 yards 9 td’s

There you have it. I am picking Julio Jones in the tale of two rookie wide receivers. I am sure there will be a 2nd round draft pick that will be last years Mike Williams so be advised when drafting.

Let the clock hit 0.