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I can see many things when I adopt the “big picture” point of view. The things in this case are relavant fantasy baseball players who you should be targeting on the waiver wires. You must be like an eagle looking for your next meal when searching for waiver pickups if you want to wear the crown come October. Here are some players to go get if you haven’t already:

Sam Fuld LF Rays: This speedy athlete has people in the Bay area saying,”Carl??? What was his last name again?” With 7 stolen bases in only 53 at bats the ghost of Carl Crawford has vanished. Fuld also has a knack for getting on base and has sports a 4/4 k/bb ratio. He is batting a beefy .396 and has an OPS of 1.035. The Rays are starting to get hot since the departure of Manny Ramirez and Fuld is taking advantage of the situation. Do not forget Fuld’s character either, stretching out a double when he could have settled for a single to achieve a cycle against the Red Sox. You can count on Fuld to deliver an honest effort day in and day out.

Justin Masterson SP Indians: Masterson, an above average pitcher sent over from the Red Sox a couple of years ago has seemed to find his niche in Cleveland. He is 3-0 with a 1.33 ERA for a team that is winning close games, albeit against 2 below average offenses in Seattle and Baltimore. He also beat the Chicago White Sox after two abysmal starts from the other Cleveland starters. His sinker is the real deal and offenses are having trouble hitting line drives against the pesky righty. Go grab him now!

Jed Lowrie SS Red Sox: With Marco Scutaro looking about as skilled as a little league right fielder Jed Lowrie is about to take over the starting gig. He rides a seven game hit streak into tonight’s game against the Athletics coming off a 4-5 day with 4 rbi’s. He plays for a team with a stellar offense, gives you 2 position elegibility, and has always been a good bat off the bench. Grab him if he is still out there. Francona will find playing time for Lowrie even if the guy has to catch.