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-Contributed by Mike Millis, CityofSports blogger

Where next for Randy Moss?

The Minnesota Vikings have officially waved WR Randy Moss, after speculation of that yesterday. Vikings head coach Brad Childress informed the entire team in a meeting (supposedly before he talked to the team president and GM about the situation) in which he said “we want good people and good football players, and he just doesn’t fit.” Ouch. Saying that trading for Moss was a mistake might have been enough, but to call him not only a bad football player, but a bad person as well crossed the line, even if it is true. This is not the first time Childress has had problems with players, most notably his relationship with Brett Favre. Look for Randy Moss to not be the only person leaving Minnesota this year. Childress may not get his during the season, although defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier could step in as an interim coach much like Mike Singletary did for the 49ers last season. With that said, Moss will find another team to call home this season. Here are the 5 I think he could end up with.

  1. New England Patriots – He slobbed up Bill Belichick and the entire Patriots organization after losing to them Sunday. This seems odd considering he just complained his way out of town 4 weeks ago. He already knows the offense and has rapport with Tom Brady. If I were the Pats, I would want no part of this guy again, but if he can buy in to the system just for the rest of the season, it gives New England a proven downfield threat.
  2. San Diego Chargers – The Chargers need a shake up, and quick. Philip Rivers is on pace to throw for well over 5,000 yards this season, and has been doing so with a WR corps with the likes of Malcolm Floyd and Patrick Crayton. Vincent Jackson just came back, but it is still to be seen if he is in game shape. Moss offers an instant presence downfield and could be just what Antonio Gates needs to exploit the middle of the field (as if he needed help). Adding Moss could be just what the slow starting Chargers need to make their annual second half playoff push.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs – Sitting atop their division halfway through the season isn’t where the Chiefs expected to be, and while I don’t think you can afford to shake up a locker room that’s had unexpected success with a personality like Moss who demands respect, having Matt Cassell (former New England QB) and Scott Pioli (Former New England GM) in house could help smooth things over.
  4. New Orleans Saints – This is Drew Brees’s team, much like the Pats are Tom Brady’s team. That scenario played out well Moss’s first few years in New England, and because Marques Colston has been under producing until late, adding a veteran who will know his place in the locker room could give the lackluster Saints what they need to regain their Super Bowl Champion form.
  5. Arizona Cardinals – Larry Fitzgerald is the star of the team. He grew up as a ball boy for the Vikings, which included a young Randy Moss. Reuniting these two could be dangerous for opponents because it would move Steve Breaston to the slot where he would have a mismatch on nearly every snap. This may be what the Cardinals need to take control of the super weak NFC West.