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Sandy Alderson, who was a consultant for Major League Baseball, will officially be introduced as the Mets 12th general manager on Friday. This comes after the demise of Omar Minaya’s career with the Mets; a slow, torturing demise that have left Mets fans wondering if they could ever make a trip to the playoffs again. 

Minaya became the general manager of the Mets in 2005, succeding Steve Philips. The beginning of his 2nd tenure with Mets featured some decent seasons. Under his reign the Mets won the National League East by 12 games with 97 wins. In the subsequent seasons, questionable trades were made and a focus on latin american players surrounded the Mets franchise. A number of latin americans were traded for by Minaya, including; Oliver Perez, Francisco Rodriguez, Johan Santana, Orlando Hernandez, Pedro Martinez, Roberto Hernandez, Carlos Delgado, Julio Franco, Endy Chavez, Moises Alou, Duaner Sanchez, Jorge Julio, and Jose Valentin. It seems as if Minaya got his point across that he wanted to make a latin american presence felt in New York. Minaya’s reputation was good around the league. But most of the players he signed didn’t pan out and the Mets have not made the playoffs since 2006. With the Mets having a payroll in the top 5 of the MLB, fans questioned whether or not Minaya had the skills to put a winning team together. Finally, on October 4th, 2010, Minaya was fired by the Mets organization.

In steps Sandy Aldersen. He is 62 and has many years of baseball experience under his belt. He was the General Manager for the A’s from 1983-1997. Whenever a general manager is with a team for that long he is obviously pulling the right cards. Recently, he has been part of Bud Seligs brigade as a consultant to Major League Baseball, a pretty prestigious position.

When questioned about Aldersen and his new position with the Mets, Selig said,”I think it’s in the best interest of baseball.”

Hmmmmm. Call me salmon because it smells a little fishy from where I’m sitting. When a market like New York isn’t winning and going to the post season, things have to change. It is important for any sport to have the major market teams thrive with wins. This equals more butts in the seats, trips to the concession stands, and season tickets being brought. Looks like Bud Selig pulled a few cards of his own to get his right hand man into a team that takes a backseat to the other franchise in New York, the Yankees.

Maybe if the Mets focused on making the right baseball moves from within, they would find themselves winning games like they should with the talent and money that they have.