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Contributed by Mike Millis-CityofSports Blogger

In south Florida, going to a sporting event can seem like a bit of a task. Sure, you pay high prices elsewhere, and the beers are still $8 no matter which stadium you’re at, but down here, the heat is a whole other monster. Baking in the sun for at least three hours, while paying $8 for your bottled domestic, $6 for your frank (not even a footlong), to watch your team, in my case, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, consistently move the ball backwards, show no real signs of life even when given the ball basically on the goal line is not really my idea of a fun filled day. As we park, we get out to throw the ball around a little bit and within 10 minutes were told to stop or our football was going to be confiscated. I got a mean sunburn, a small hole in my wallet, told that you’re not allowed to throw a ball in an empty field. Add to this the battery on my cell phone was in a free fall making it impossible to check, much less adjust my fantasy roster. While I was just happy to have come across a couple of friends who had an extra ticket and offered to drive, the day wasn’t going so well.

 This is where the “I hate going to live sporting events” thoughts started creeping in. I kept saying to myself that I could be sitting at home in the air conditioning, bought a case of brew, be checking on my fantasy team, flipping between games, taking a leak without five people measuring my business with their eyes, and not have thought twice about it.

 Then, with just over 5 minutes left in the game, the Bucs get the ball back. I look over at the friend who invited me to the game (a Giants fan) and say, “This is where Josh Freeman leads them down the field for the win” sarcastically. Then, with 20 seconds left to go, Freeman hooked up with Cadillac Williams for a short TD pass and just like that, the Bucs were back on top for good. The 17 people still left in the crowd went bananas, and I thought “Man, I LOVE going to live sporting events.”