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Contributed by Mike Millis-CityofSports Blogger

All eyes of the sports world were on the Miami Heat last night as the new “Big 3” took the floor for the first time as a team. The result was supposed to be a blow out, as every game is supposed to be with the combo of D Wade, King James, and Chris Bosh. This was before the Celtics shot 46% from the field, while holding the Heat to only 36.5%. LeBron James committed 8 turnovers, while Dwyane Wade gave the ball up 6 times. That’s one less than the entire Celtics starting line up. All this, an the Heat still only lost by 8, to a Celtics team playing at home, who just went to the finals last year.

 I heard two quotes after the game from Heat players that let me know their mindset it right where it should be.

 LeBron said, “We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. This is going to take time.”

Dwyane Wade said, “It’s game one of 82. Everyone who wanted us to go 82-0, sorry, it’s not going to happen.”

 The Heat’s problem was that they didn’t look cohesive. It LOOKED like last night was the first time they had played together, or at least since the Olympics in 2008. A lot of newly coined “Heat Haters” loved to watch this, because I think they, more than anyone, expected the Heat to roll over people and any bump in the road will be a major story. Stumbling out of the gate did nothing but add fuel to the fire. It is true that while to compete for a title, they’re going to need someone besides Joel Anthony playing Center, but give them 10-15 games together before we start saying the wheels have fallen off.