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Contributed by Mike Millis-CityofSports blogger

After reading Nick’s post about the perfect hybrid pitcher, I decided why not do the same for basketball? This started out being easy enough, but then there are so many players who are so good at different aspects of the game, that I began thinking I could do one hybrid for each position. Seeing as I have homework, plus regular work to tend to, I’ll keep it simple this time, and just go with one super player, made from skills of current players in the NBA.

Speed: Derrick Rose. When D Rose sees open court, there is nobody in the league who can keep up. He displays the same speed with the ball that he does without it, and is not only fast, but quicker than almost anyone in the league.

Handles: Steve Nash. For years, this guy has been darting in and out of the lane, facing heavy traffic. Whether or not he passes the ball or is just testing the waters in the paint seems to be irrelevant. Nash plays with what seems to be reckless abandon, but he has complete control and knows where everyone is on the floor at all times.

Hops: LeBron James. This was a toss up between King James and Dwight Howard. We haven’t seen LeBron try to dunk on a 12 foot hoop yet, but I have no doubt that he could make it look just as easy as Superman did. ‘Bron can jump a mile in to the air.

Shot: Ray Allen. Smoothest stroke we’ve seen in The League for quite a while. Jesus Shuttlesworth can tickle the twine with defenders in his face, wide open, and anywhere on the floor.

Offensive Moves: Kevin Durant. You don’t win a scoring title your third year in the league without knowing what to do when you have the ball. Whether its having a wet shot (.476 FG% last year), or just being able to dribble drive, create on the run, or make things happen in the half court offense, Durant’s the man.

Defense: Ron Artest. Call the Tru Warrior crazy all you want, but he’s a pit bull on the defensive end of the floor. He can guard almost any position, and has an innate ability to get in the opponent’s head.

Rebounding: Dwight Howard. Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound, and grab 13.2 rebounds per game while in air. Defensive boards are his, offensive boards are his. If there’s glass, and a ball bouncing off of it, my money is on Dwight Howard to come down with it every time.

Smarts: Chauncey Billups. Mr. Big Shot knows when to turn it on and start taking shots and knows when he needs to get his teammates involved. He brings a savvy to the court that is nearly unbeatable.

Clutch Performance: Kobe Bryant. Even with all the help he’s had the years he’s won his rings, he is the one to take the last shot, and seems to come up on the right side every time. There’s a reason he’s won 5 rings, and it’s because he just has what it takes to get it done.