I watched the Yankees last night lose to Colby Lewis for the 2nd time in the best of 7 series. A series which featured a dismal Yankees team, and an opportunistic-well gelled Texas Rangers team. It was a great time for a franchise who has never won a post season series. Over 50,000 fans dressed in red and blue erupted in a firework filled frenzy to congratulate their team.

I give a lot of credit to the Rangers, Ron Washington, and Nolan Ryan. Ryan, the nifty pitcher, has completely changed that franchise and they seem like they can be contenders for a while.

On the other hand I have to say that the Yankees just didn’t have that mojo this year. They didn’t have that feel to them like they did last year. It’s something about teammates having fun together that translates into post season success. I just didn’t see that from the Yankees. I saw negative body language and a team with less chemistry than any relationship Jennifer Aniston has been in. And when I can notice that from the couch in my living room, I think it all starts from the top of the ladder. I think Joe Girardi made some poor decisions during this post season. Like starting AJ Burnett in game 4 and handing the ball to Phil Hughes in a decisive game 6. I understand he was trying to set up Andy Pettite against Cliff Lee, but it was on record that CC Sabathia could’ve been used in game 6 for 50-60 pitches. Girardi could’ve started Sabathia and Hughes in a combo package in game 7 and given the Yankees a legitimate shot against the Rangers. The same team that took out the Rays, the team with the best record in all of baseball.

Colby Lewis who? Oh, just the guy to come out of no where and stifle the Yankees two starts in a row. The same pitcher who revived his career in Japan and came back to the states and won 12 games and sported a 3.72 ERA. When you have a pitcher like him and Cliff Lee firing strikes in every game he pitches, I don’t see why they can’t win the World Series.

If it wasn’t for Cano, Granderson, and Jeter, the Yankees probably would have been swept. The only sparks in the offense in the series. Where was Alex Rodriguez other than a couple of extra base hits. And what about Texiera before he hurt his hamstring (0-13)? You can’t count on the Yankees to perform like they should when two of your best hitters don’t swing the bat well.

Good luck to Texas in the series. I think they will be facing the Giants. I don’t know how their hitting will hold up agianst those aces in San Francisco, and no home field advantage could hurt them. I bet Ron Washington is sarcastically thanking Girardi for making the same bonehead moves in the All Star Game and giving the home field advantage to the NL.