There only would be 2 reasons if you haven’t heard of fantasy football yet.

1. You were raised by a wild pack of wolves for the first 18 years of your life.

2. You’re blind and deaf at the same time.

The buzz that fantasy football creates is great. It is highly addictive, fun, and gives you a chance to win some money. Not to mention, one can develop a sharp tongue for trash talking.

I’ve played for the past 6 years and every year I join more and more leagues. I was thinking if I could put together an all decade team for fantasy football, who I’d want on it. Without further ado, here it goes. Standard team-QB, RB, RB, RB/WR, WR, TE, K, DEF

QB- Peyton Manning-Easily has the best numbers over the past 10 years. He has 314 td passes, 42,254 passing yards, and 3,575 completions according to By the way, he leads all three of those major categories. Whew, boy. That is some major produciton.

RB-LaDainian Tomlinson- He was a beast in the early years of the 2000’s. He outnumbers the next closest guy in Td’s (Shaun Alexander) by 38 touchdowns with a total of 138 touchdowns. Everyday is Halloween for this monster. He also leads in rushing yards with 12,490. I don’t know about you, but I think he takes the whole cake.

RB-Edgerrin James-Boy, was this guy good when he was on the Colts. He caught passes, was the star next to Manning in the Colts offense, and received a ton of carries. He was 2nd to Tomlinson in rush yards over the past ten years and had 67 touchdowns.

RB/WR-Randy Moss- Let’s see, the leader in touchdowns and 2nd in reception yards finds Moss on my all decade team. His first year with the Patriots was stellar and he can deliever on any team he plays for, including the woeful Raaaaiders. Big down field play threat and probably will finish as top 3 WR of all time.

WR-Torry Holt- This guy used to catch so many balls thrown from the masterful Kurt Warner on the Rams. He led the league in receptions a number of years and finished the decade with 868. Top 5 in touchdowns and number 1 on reception yards. He had great hands and a great quarterback. Let’s not forget who was calling plays back in the day, Mike Martz.

WR-Terrell Owens-Although his numbers have declined a little, he was great with the Cowboys and Niners. He could always find the endzone and was outstanding on the deep ball.

TE-Tony Gonzalez- Gonzalez set the prototype for the new breed of athletic tight ends. If it wasn’t for him there would be no Antonio Gates, Dustin Keller, Dallas Clark and Jermichael Finley’s of the league. He was amazing with the Chiefs and still plays at a high level with the Falcons. He ranks in the top 5 in receptions amongst talented receivers over the past ten years. What does that tell you about this fella?

K-David Akers-This is easy. He is number one in points score by a kicker over the past ten years.

Def-Ravens- It was a close race between them and the Steelers. Both teams breed a tough defense every year. But, the Ravens have the edge in this one for me. They are physical, cause turnovers, and have Ray Lewis. Need I say more?