I love sports. With my love comes obsession. I see my fair share of sports throughout my day. Whether it be on television or through a casual glance on my Android, I get my daily dosage of sports through some medium. I see certain qualities in players that I admire and certain qualities I don’t. Leadership, in my opinion, is the most important quality an athlete can have. These 4 athletes could lead an army through the worst of war conditions. They know how to motivate their teammates and are respected amongst their peers.  

1. Peyton Manning-He truly is a field general. Any average person can watch him dismantle his foe with his smarts and athletic ability. His coaches respect his knack for play calling and allow him to decipher the flow of the game as he sees fit. Manning would have a cult following if he was a star wars character. Everyone reveres and respects him. I can’t imagine anyone better to lead an army through the battlefield and at the same time lead them to victory. Good job Peyton! Here’s to you and your intelligence!

2. Ray Lewis-On one side of the spectrum you have a leader who may lead by example, and on the other side you have a leader who uses his voice. Ray Lewis is the latter of the two. I think Ray Lewis could be a politician if he didn’t come off so aggressive and violent at times.  But, I believe he could tone it down and win a couple local votes. The guy’s tongue is sharp and he knows how to motivate his teamates. Not to mention the toughness  the shows every Sunday on the football field. I don’t think there is smidgeon of fear in that man.

3. Derek Jeter-Derek Jeter and Ray Lewis are polar opposites when it comes to leadership style. Jeter primarily leads by example on and off the field. He is the nucleus of a team that is the nucleus of the MLB. He stays out of trouble when I”m sure temptation is lurking around every corner of his life. Jeter has a certain sense of class that possibly could have came from being a Yankee. I’ve never seen him not run a weak ground ball out and he truly plays his hardest every game. And if you don’t believe me take a look at his fingers.

4. Drew Brees- Drew Brees could possibly be related to Peyton Manning. There is something about watching him stir up his teamates in a pre-game huddle that sends chills down my spine. Maybe it’s his gift for motivation that makes me want to be a better leader. He also is very smart. His veins are filled with ice. He is another guy that looks fear in the face with a smile.