Dear baseball season,

Thank you for showing up, I needed you.

Wow, every year as I age, the beginning of the baseball season seems to get me more and more excited. I don’t know if it is related to my maturation process or if it is some sort of scary obsession. Either way, I could care less. Baseball is a passion of mine and I love the game. There’s nothing like coming home from school and seeing an afternoon game on T.V.; the bright green field and the orange diamond, the sounds of the commentators, and the matchup of two teams going at it. The great thing about baseball for me is that I know for sure there will be spectacular plays made, maybe one or two no-hitters, a great young rookie shining for a team, a playoff race,  and dramatic outcomes to games. Maybe it’s the competitive nature in me that loves the game.

I put this piece of writing on hold and saved it to continue at another time. We’re now a month and a half into the season and it’s been everything I’ve hoped it to be.