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This football week features some great games. Juggernaut teams square off throughout the league. This is the type of week I wouldn’t bet on many games, If I did have the money of course.

 The New Orleans Saints vs. the New York Giants seems to be the game of the week for me atleast. Two of the 5 undeafeated teams left square up in Louisiana to play with the pigskin. I think the Giants are good enough on denense to counter Drew Bree’s air attack. They’ll be able to have more men covering receivers because of that intense rush attack comprised of only 4 people. The Giants have a smart coaching staff and I know for a fact they will have a meticulous game plan going into that dome. It will come down to execution and how good Eli Manning plays.  My prediction- Giants 28-Saints 23

There are some teams that started out looking like the Detroit Lions. Well, not that bad but close to it.

I believe the Dolphins looked good against the Jets on Monday night but it seems they always play hard  and look like an imposter on Monday Night Football.  It’s hard to get any type of read on that run happy team. But, I think they finish 8-8. Ronnie Brown may lead the league at the end of the season. He looks like Brandon Jacobs out there. Only faster and a bit more prettier. He’s strong, swift, and boy can he find that endzone.

I still want to believe in those Titans. I mean c’mon, they had the best record in the AFC a year ago. This year rolls around and they look like a pop warner team from Montana. Their secondary looks like they’re being played by a 5 year old in a game of Madden. I don’t know what could’ve happened in Tennessee but that change in the defense coordinator position may be attributed to this horrible start. I say they finish 5-11.

The Redskins make me drink Pepto Bismal when I think of them. Ugghhh, what a horrible franshise. They get the big names and nothing happens. I think the front office needs to be completey gutted inside out and thrown into a forest fire.  They plain out stink and for some reason I think they go on a little hotstreak even though they’re in the hardest division in football. I say they finish 7-9.

The Denver Broncos should be invited to your next surprise party. Never thought they’d be 5-0. They’ve also beat some great teams. Goes to show you what leadership at the coaching position and a good denense can bring you. Kyle Orton is also better as advertised and needs to get some credit.