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Damn, I love October. The weather. The fake Florida fall. Halloween decorations start to make their way out from storage units and garages. The cool air starts to blow. Baseball Playoffs. Football. Whew, talk about a good month.

Our fall features grass medians in the middle of our roads changing from green to dark shades of orange.  Vacont lots surrounded by suburban homes are filled with orange, dying weeds. Palm trees start to say goodbye to some of their branches as they fall slowly to the ground. Houses are decorated with goblins and other Halloween items. I wonder whether if it’s the weather that hints at the change of the season or the advent of Halloween decorations. This just accompanies my favorite time for sports, especially the baseball playoffs.

The Yankees are playing the Twins in the divisional playoffs. Do I think they will lose? No. But I think this series is very important in order for them to gain some confidence heading in the championship series. It’s important for Girardi to get his managerial feet wet and understand how to use his bullpen in the playoffs. Hitters with blunders in the past also need to gain some confidence at the plate, i.e. Alex Rodriguez.

I said it earlier in the year that the Yankees would win the division. Maybe I’m a prophet or maybe it is easy to tell how dominant the Yankees are this season. I can hear all the Yankee haters now in their whining voice, “Wellllll the Yankeeees buy their championships.” Of course this excuse makes its entrance whenthe Yankees start to beat everyone again. It makes me laugh when I see people come up with cheap excuses because they really don’t understand the dynamics of a good team.

The Yankees have led the league in for the past 15 years  or so in overall team salary, that is the obvious. But, what is the real reason people hate this team? The Yankees are at the core of successfully ran sports teams. They’re marketable. They’re great. They win. They have a great product. There isn’t some unknown phenemonon as to why the Yankees are at the top of the charts in salary every year. People wear their hats and buy their jersies whether they live in California or Montana.  They have money so they spend it. They spend it on people who will bring wins to the win colomn. They spend it knowing that WINS equals happier fans. I mean let’s get real here. When you’re increasing your income don’t you buy a nicer car, nicer clothes, join more fantasy football leagues, nicer flat screen t.v., and  a bigger house.  Or do you just throw it your window while speeding down the interstate. The Yankees use their money wisely because they can. They sell their product and you’d be idiot not to realize this.

What type of moron complains that the Yankees buy their championships? Oh, that’s right. Probably, a Red Sox fan who is a crybaby and doesn’t realize they’re number 2 in overall salary. Probably, a fan of a team that doesn’t reap the benefits of a team that always has a chance to make the playoffs.

Money doesn’t buy everything. Take a look at the Mets. Can’t make the playoffs with all that money? Take a look at the Rays last year. Small market team with intelligent scouts who wins. Or maybe even the Marlins who are at the bottom of the salary pole as well. They have 2 world series in 15 years but after they win they ship their star players away and are content with selling 2,000 tickets per game.  This money arguement doesn’t seem to fit when small market teams win. I hear the fans saying well they develop their farm system. Yes, they are great at that. These teams adapt to their circumstances. Reds stink every year and get first dibs at draft picks, why have they had 15 straight seasons of not making the playoffs? Here are  instances of two types of teams with two different team philosphy’s where it goes to show you that money isn’t the reason for winning. Of course it helps, but it isn’t the only reason.

So keep the mouth quiet and think of a new excuse.