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Another win for the Yankees last night. The game showed me something great about this team this year. First and foremost, the game was delayed for three hours. Now delays can put teams in a funk, especially the pitcher. CC struggled the first couple of innings, working out of a couple of jams and leaving some hanging changeups over the plate. Eventually, he came into form. What really stood out to me last night was the offense. I’ll tell you why.

The first three innings this young kid from Jersey named Mazzero was shutting down the Yankees. The fella had 6 strikeouts through three innings. Now the Yankees lineup isn’t some Joe off the street.  It is filled with MVP’s, batting champions, and seasoned veterans. This is the thing about the Yankees, they have experience and make the necessary adjustments. It is the difference between a well disciplined offense such as the Yankees and a young offense like the Nationals or Pirates. The second trip through the lineup for Mazzero was no walk in the park. Especially when Texiera received a 3-0 green light and unloaded on a fastball over the middle. I also watched the Yankee’s batters foul off nasty sliders and stay alive like the Beegee’s and wait for a pitch to smash.

This is the reason they will be in it in October.