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Edwin Encarnacion is coming back to life in the 2nd half. It goes to show you that injuries really do play a part in the productivity of players. Imagine how much better you would feel up to bat without being overly concious about the nagging injury that is bothering you. Baseball is a mental sport and a healthy mental state does wonders for a struggling baseball player. I believe he ends up around a .260/18/75 for the year. I can only hope his 2nd half shines because he has recently been added to my fantasy team.

I’m a big fan of the Reds. I enjoy that sweet uniform. The simple red C. The goofy club mascot that’s on the right shoulder of the jersey. That identity. They’re a team that focuses on pitching and I respect that. If only they could figure something out with the bullpen and get some veteran hitters in that lineup I think they could be a great team. They also need to build that team around Joey Votto. Take my word for it, he is the next big thing I think. I think he ends up being a player like Todd Helton.