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Yankees-Pretty good first half.. Pitching was on and off. Need to do something about the startion rotation. Pettitte looks weak some games and can’t go deep into the game. Chamberlain needs to find a new home, possibly in the bullpen. Wang is a mess and Burnett pitches well against losers. Sabathia will have a great second half. The bullpen seems to be shaping out nicely. Nice combo with Aceves, Hughes, Coke, and Bruney. I see Aceves like I used to see Ramiro Mendoza; pitching in emergency situations if starting pitcher shoots a doozy. Aceves is very versatile and can be used in many situations. He throws strikes and isn’t afraid to throw a pitch in any count. That takes some balls my friend, that takes some balls! Offense is looking great. Defense is a bit shaky with Damon in left field. He looks like he’s trying to catch a bottle rocket out there sometimes. Damon’s feet bounce around like he’s working out on Nintendo Wii before the ball lands in his glove. He is very shaky out there and I don’t trust him at all. In addition to his shaky defense he can’t throw a player out even if his life was on the line.  I think the Yankees win the division. Midsummer grade A-

Red Sox- The Red Sox are at it again. They are exactly like the Yankee’s when it comes to showcasing their financial muscles. Red Sox fans never want to admit that their beloved team pays large sums of cash for players. I do agree that they develop their farm system as well and they do a damn good job at it too. But, I’m tired of this team going under the radar of teams that “buy” their championships. Most of their moves are made to counter the Yankees. Anyway, their pitching is solid across the board. Man, that bullpen can shut down anyone too. It sucks to say it but they are the team to beat in the AL. Talented across the board. Midsummer grade- A

Blue Jays- This team was the talk of the town in the beginning of the season. But, their young pitching showed its true colors as the season progressed. They have some key players who will keep them around for a little in Wells, Halladay, Hill, Lind, Rios, and Rolen. Like every season though they will fade away like a mist in the early morning. They still have some joints to oil before they become a well oiled machine. I bet they finish around 82-81. Midsummer grade B-

Orioles-Wow, another losing season. But, this season has more hope than others. They are showing promising signs with young players like Adam Jones, Reimold, and that catcher guy (I forget his name). I think pitching machines would do better than the Orioles pitching staff at this point. When will we see the next great Oriole pitcher? I do enjoy that stadium though and I do love those uni’s! Midsummer grade- C-

Rays- The Rays are that young team that is really climbing the ladder. All those young draft picks are coming into their prime at the right time. I see them being good for the next couple of years. They have that magic about them that translates through the television screen. Great defense and speed will do them good down the stretch. Although, I don’t see them making the playoffs this year. Their pitching isn’t top notch and they have some injuries. Midsummer grade- B