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I always wonder when the year will come that features a new dawn of good baseball teams. I always ask myself if the Reds, Pirates, or Royals will ever be good again. What does it take for one of these teams to snap out of their losing funk? You got the Reds who have great pitching but a lukewarm offense. The Pirates seem to trade away their best players year after year and go after mediocre players. Then you have the Royals who are in the headlines for two weeks in the beginning of the season because they have a surprise winning record and then poof!, they vanish into the abyss of losing seasons. I mean I’ve been watching baseball for the past 15 years and haven’t seen any of these teams make the playoffs. I believe the Royals did once around the year of 2000 maybe. If you ask me that is a lot of losing seasons in a row.

Is it the lack of funds that these teams don’t compete with the big dogs? I don’t think so. Look at the Rays and the Marlins from years past. It’s a lack of concentration. Baseball is a business. You’re either in it to win it or you don’t do your howework on how to win.

And once again the first half of the season shows another repeat year for these 3 teams. Pirates are at the bottom of the NL Central once gain. The Reds have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs if they have a good 2nd half. The Reds are only 3 games under .500, but I don’t think they have what it takes to have an amazing 2nd half. Furthermore, you have a manager in Dusty Baker who wears out the team’s young, talented arms. The Royals seem to be a little spark plug at times showcasing players like Greinke, Butler, and Teahen. But, they plain out stink.

Honorable Mention for stinky teams who need to get the show on the road: Orioles, Nationals, Athletics.