Well, here starts something new. I figured at first I’d come up with a catchy blog name so I can atleast seem to fit in to this blogging world. Then I stopped myself from going down that road and realized I want this blog just to be real and not all caught up in the sensiblities of other people. So, I came up with City of Sports-a blog dedicated to observations I encounter in contemporary sports.

It will focus on my favorite sports, which are baseball and football. I’m sure as I age I will start to fall in love with a couple of other sports. I’m starting to like basketball again and I’ve never given a chance to poor ol’ hockey. The thing about hockey is I can’t see the damn puck on television. It flys around the screen so fast and the size of the goal is just a little bit bigger than the puck. I think I would have a better chance of seeing two flies chasing each other around food.