NFL Headlines Cont’d


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I told you I would continue my previous post at another time. So here it goes-

Eli Manning throws for 4,500 yards and 30 touchdowns and hosts Saturday Night Live once again. His brother Peyton joins him on Saturday Night Live.

Tim Tebow surplants Mark Sanchez on the depth chart by the fourth game of the season. Mark Sanchez is referred to as disciple in the locker room.

Ray Rice and Beanie Wells start a show on Food Network together. Ay thank you.

Darren McFadden plays a full season and wins the rushing title.

Drew Brees has a solid year despite his coach being suspended. His great play lands him endorsements from a fan company. The sales pitch is “Do you feel the Bree’s?”

Calvin Johnson is the first NFL player to not have the Madden curse. The Detroit Pistons think about signing him to their basketball team.

A.J. Green leads the league in reception yards. How about this projected statline 89/1400/10 TD’s

Roddy White continues to be one of the leagues best wide receivers. His stellar play lands him endorsements from fishing supply companies. Their slogan is “Roddy like our Rods, Why can’t you?”

Aaron Rodgers gets Jordy Nelson a Target gift card for his birthday. The Target card has a note on it that says you’re my new favorite Target.

Trent Richardson only rushes for 800 yards. Rookie running backs still have a tough time in their first year of play.

Marquis Colston experiences a setback in production and he is now known as Marquis COLDston. Ay thank you.

Frank Gore gets hurt once again this year and retires. He is now in the Horror Movie Industry.


NFL Season Outlook


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Let’s get hypothetical.

I am looking forward to these possible headlines this year in the 2012 NFL Season.

Tony Romo’s inability to close out games forces him into a new roll in Major League Baseball. In 2013 he becomes a long releiver for the San Diego Padres.

Andrew Luck is on the front of Madden 2014. He breaks the rookie record for touchdown passes.

RGIII turns out to be a complete bust and the Washington Redskins make Rex Grossman their General Manager.

Donald Brown rushes for 1,000 yards and scores 8 touchdowns. The Colts surprise everyone and make inch their way into the playoffs.

Victor Cruz stars scores 12 TD’s and has over 100 receptions. He plunges in a new realm of supertardom and comes out with his own brand of hot sauce called Cruzin 4 Salsa.

ESPN stops covering national sports and soley focues on the New York Yankees, New England Patriots, and the New York Jets.

Terrell Owens scores 9 TD’s and signs another 1 year deal.

Chad Johnson signs with the Bengals. After his first touchdown of the year he headbutts his teammate in attempts of celebrating and gets flagged for it.

Randy Moss plays for 3 different teams and this is finally the end of his career.

Tom Brady takes over Christain Bale’s role in Batman.

Fantasy Football becomes the most popular hobby in the United States. People start going to addiction specialists to tone down the amount of leagues they join.

Stay tuned for more!!




Monday Night Observations: Jets vs. Texans


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Tonight’s game was a sneak peak into two good teams that will contend this year.

The Houston Texans– The Texans showcased their new 3-4 defensive scheme powered by Wade Phillips. This defense will make some plays this year. They have two beasts on each end of the defensive line in rookie J.J. Watt and Mario Williams. The 3-4 scheme allows them to explode off the line giving them a chance to rack up the sacks this year and put serious pressure on the quarterback. University of Arizona standout Brooks Reed looks capable to step in and do some rotational work. Jonathon Joseph will add his skills to the secondary. Starter’s Vonta Leach and Arian Foster did not play and the running game still looked good behind an above average offensive line. T.J. Yates, the UNC alumni, looks like he will be a very good backup quarterback or starter some day with his cool-collected game play. This is the year the Texans will make a splash in the playoffs. Mark my words.

The New York Jets- The Jets were missing some pieces this game (See Plaxico Burress) but looked okay. Santonio Holmes was doing his usual slanting over the middle catching quick passes from “No Risk” Mark Sanchez. I get it though, that works for them and it works well. Derrick Mason looks as if he will fit into the Jets gameplan and looks as if he will play the mentor role to the younger players in New York. Greg McElroy felt his back hit the field many times but kept his composure and completed a lot of passes, he will end up being a good professional football player. Bilal Powell, the standout from Louisville, looks like he could be in the mix for 3rd string running back behind LaDanian Tomlinson and could provide a better change of pace than James McKnight. The Jets defensive line had some strong goal line stands and will be solid once again this year under Rex Ryan’s reign.


 If it came down to it, I think the Texans will be the better team this year. Wade Phillips is going to turn around this defense. I can see them making it to the 2nd round in the playoffs. The Jets on the other hand did not make to many upgrades. Do not forget that Plaxico Burress has not played in 2 years so you may want to come of the ESPN high you get every day and come back on down too reality.

Fantasy Draft Advice


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Is this your first year playing fantasy football? Are you that guy at the bottom of  the league standing year in and year out? Do your friends scoff about your fantasy skills when you are not around? I am here today to save your fantasy lives and help you start winning some leagues and owning the bragging rights. 

A great year in fantasy would of course be to win the championship, but that’s not all that counts. There are injuries, trades, and other variables out of your control that can hinder your chances every year. I am here to tell you that you should atleast make the playoffs every year-that is a reflection of your fantasy skills. Your skills should qualify you for chances to win the big prize. Fantasy football is like poker. Yes, it is a game of chance, but there is a lot of skill involved. The same faces are always staring at each other from across the poker tables come tournament time.

This should be your focus:

  • Identify the positions that have a lot of depth. Take a scan through the NFL and see which positions feature the most players that can score points. This will enable you to wait longer and pick up more value in the earlier rounds. It’s the basic concept of suppy and demand.
  • Pick players in early rounds that comprise most of the league’s scoring style you are in. If you are in a league that favors quarterbacks you may want to draft a Tom Brady, Michael Vick, or Aaron Rodgers in the first round. If the league you are in is a PPR (Points Per Reception) you may want to take a player like Roddy White or Andre Johnson. Your primary focus is to focus on the best player possible relevant to the type of league you are in.
  • Take Risks and Reap Rewards. Leave your wussy conservative style home on Draft day and take some risks. Who knew last year how good Mike Williams or Brandon Lloyd were going to be. Take your chances on sleepers and do not always count on the stats they had the year prior to this upcoming year.

I wish you luck this year unless you are in my draft. I have won 2 straight fantasy baseball championships, made the playoffs in all 4 football leagues I was in last year, and won championships in 2 out of the 3 leagues in Football the year prior to that.

Tell your friends on draft day to “Stop Hatin” on your game and draft like a champ.




Good to Great in 2011-12


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There is always a player who comes out from the woodworks and shows how talented they really are. (See Brandon Lloyd) All it takes is timing and opportunity coming together.

So who is going to go from being good to great this year? Last year we saw Jamall Charles, Hakeem Nicks, Rashard Mendenhall, and Matt Ryan take giant leaps. Greatness is a subjective quality to ascribe to a player, but I believe their wonderful play warrants my acknowledgement.

Let’s set our eyes on this following players.

  • Sam Bradford QB-Rams– Bradford looked very good in his first year in the NFL. On a decent offense with few weapons at receiver he did very well. He will see some familiar faces sprinkled with a new one; Danny Amendola is a protypical slot receiver who will bail him out on 3rd down this year, Danario Alexander’s large frame will compliment their newest addition at receiver-Mike Sims Walker. Let’s not forget the Hawian Sensation at tight end either. Sam Bradford has deadly accuracy and is a student of the game. I think he goes from being good to great this year even in his 2nd year in the league. Yes, I just said that!
  •  Mathias Kiwanuka-OLB-DE-Giants-Kiwanuka is like a salad bar; he does not come one way and has much to offer. Kiwanuka can play defensive end, notching 5 sacks last year in a handful of games before he went down with a neck injury, or he can play outside linebacker in which you will see him on Sunday’s this year on the Giants. He is like the guy in little league that could play every position on the field effectively and you could put confidence in him to get the job done. I believe his knack for hunting down the football like an angler in Boca Grande lookin’ for Tarpon suites the Giants defensive scheme. I will predict he leads the teams in tackles and will become co-defensive captain with his mate Justin Tuck.
  • Josh Freeman-QB-Bucs– This player is the clean clone of Ben Roethlisberger. His teammates entrust him to lead them through the wildfires put forth by opposing teams on Sunday’s and he does it effectively. He has the weapons to disperse the ball too on every play. Freeman has the feet, mind, and skills to make something out of nothing on every play. I can not forget to mention he has a great coach who instills confidence in the young player and empower him to play with out fear. Freeman is destined to be great and it is only a matter of time before it happens.





Julio Jones or AJ Green


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  • Which Rookie will make his presence felt this year? Let me make this crystal clear for you.
  • AJ Green-WR Cincinnati– Green has a lot of skills. Unfortunately, I do not think they are going to translate into a productive season this year. It is just too bad that he plays for the Bengals. The team that loss Carson Palmer to the sandy beaches and bingo halls of retirement and their options include Bruce “Servicable” Gradkowski and a rookie named Andy Dalton. Andy Dalton has a good head on his shoulders but he has not faced the competetion the National Football League provides. Cedric Benson has not done much since his great season a couple of years ago and the guy ran for over 300 times last year with a minimal 3.0/per carry mark. Teams will be able to create matchup nightmares for AJ Green with double coverages and extra help because Jordan Shipley will not command much attention. Plus, Andy Dalton will be part of the learning curve in the NFL. My ice cold and bold prediction– 65 receptions- 800 yards- 7 TD’s Not bad for a stud.


  • Julio Jones-WR Atlanta- Mr. Julio Jones will make a tidal wave of a splash in the league of hard knocks this year. With a deadly accurate QB, punishing run attack, and the help of another STUD of a receiver in Roddy White, Julio Jones will be the by-product of a killer offense. He has the skills, speed, and hands dipped in glue to become really great. Teams will not be able to double team Julio Jones because their focus will be on Rowdy Roddy White. Jones will benifit tremedously and you can take it to the bank my eyes are set on this guy in the fantasy drafts. My ice cold and bold prediction 78 receptions 1050 yards 9 td’s

There you have it. I am picking Julio Jones in the tale of two rookie wide receivers. I am sure there will be a 2nd round draft pick that will be last years Mike Williams so be advised when drafting.

Let the clock hit 0.

Overlooked Cowboys


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The Cowboys will be contenders this year.

In the midst of the Eagle’s Dream team predictions they are going unnoticed like the pretty girl in 6th grade hidden behind glasses and frizzy hair.

They have a new head coach in Jason Garrett who turned the absymmal 2010-2011 Cowboys around. The Cowboys also bring in Rex Ryan’s evil brother to shape up the soft defense from a year ago. Wade Phillips will no longer be there to allow the Cowboy’s players to have a free for all on and off the field. The new philosphies that will be put into place in Texas will put the Cowboys back on the map.

Tony Romo will be able to pass the football to many weapons including: Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, and Miles Auston. I can gaurantee you that Felix Jones will be more than a valuable asset to the star studded offense as well. 

The only reservation I have about the Cowboys this year is the tough division that they are in. Playing against the Big Blue, Philadelphia, and a below average but hard hitting Redskins team each twice a year can be like putting a lot of miles on your car.

The Cowboys will end up being 9-7 or 10-6 and will wind up playing the last game of the year in desperation mode for a wildcard spot.


Fantasy Football Preview


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Here is a look at great value picks in this year’s fantasy drafts:

Roy Williams- Obviously the Bears have been lacking a big time receiver for Jay “Canon for an Arm” Cutler for them to go out and get Roy Williams in hopes of a revival. I believe Roy Williams will end up with a lot of targets this year and possible near the 80 receptions mark. Cutler has not had a large receiver to throw at other than unproven Devin Aromashadu and in a fast paced Mike Martz offense he will benifit in a pass oriented offense. The offensive line should be improved under Martz’s system and Jay Cutler has had time to mature.

Jahvid Best-Everyone is more excited than a Harry Potter opening night for this years Detroit Lion’s team. “If Matt Stafford can stay healthy they should “easily” make the playoffs”, some analysts are saying. Jahvid Best is not built to carry the ball 20-25 times but he will be part of the passing game and has the skills to hit double digit touchdown totals. The NFC North is a division that will see games with high scoring and you can take it to the bank Jahvid Best will have a great year.

Mark Ingram-The Alabama standout should be wearing a ski mask during the first game of the NFL season. Boy, what a steal he was. The Saints and that high octane offense now have a punishing running back to add to their arsenal. I predict he will be a goal line specialist in addition to carrying the ball 15-20 times a game. He will have atleast 8 touchdowns this game and around 1,000 rushing yards-not bad for a late round pick by a great team.

Fantasy Baseball Pickups


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I can see many things when I adopt the “big picture” point of view. The things in this case are relavant fantasy baseball players who you should be targeting on the waiver wires. You must be like an eagle looking for your next meal when searching for waiver pickups if you want to wear the crown come October. Here are some players to go get if you haven’t already:

Sam Fuld LF Rays: This speedy athlete has people in the Bay area saying,”Carl??? What was his last name again?” With 7 stolen bases in only 53 at bats the ghost of Carl Crawford has vanished. Fuld also has a knack for getting on base and has sports a 4/4 k/bb ratio. He is batting a beefy .396 and has an OPS of 1.035. The Rays are starting to get hot since the departure of Manny Ramirez and Fuld is taking advantage of the situation. Do not forget Fuld’s character either, stretching out a double when he could have settled for a single to achieve a cycle against the Red Sox. You can count on Fuld to deliver an honest effort day in and day out.

Justin Masterson SP Indians: Masterson, an above average pitcher sent over from the Red Sox a couple of years ago has seemed to find his niche in Cleveland. He is 3-0 with a 1.33 ERA for a team that is winning close games, albeit against 2 below average offenses in Seattle and Baltimore. He also beat the Chicago White Sox after two abysmal starts from the other Cleveland starters. His sinker is the real deal and offenses are having trouble hitting line drives against the pesky righty. Go grab him now!

Jed Lowrie SS Red Sox: With Marco Scutaro looking about as skilled as a little league right fielder Jed Lowrie is about to take over the starting gig. He rides a seven game hit streak into tonight’s game against the Athletics coming off a 4-5 day with 4 rbi’s. He plays for a team with a stellar offense, gives you 2 position elegibility, and has always been a good bat off the bench. Grab him if he is still out there. Francona will find playing time for Lowrie even if the guy has to catch.

NFL Midseason Awards


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Contributed by Mike Millis-CityofSports Blogger

Now that every team in the league has played 8 games, teams pretty much are who they are. There are no fluke teams left who are just winning games because they are lucky or are being looked past by other teams. The Raiders, Chiefs, and Bucs are better than expected, while the Cowboys, Vikings, Bengals and Chargers have left many unimpressed, although the Chargers always start slow and are in the mix at the end of the season every single year.

Since we’re halfway through the season, it’s only fair to start taking a look at some mid-season awards, so let’s get right to it.

Coach of the Year: Raheem Morris – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Call me a bit of a homer here, but this is a guy who was promoted from DB coach to Defensive Coordinator to Head Coach all at the same time before last season. With cries of rebuilding from the front office, the Bucs became the youngest team in the league and won only 3 games all of last year. This year, through only half of the season the Bucs are 5-3 with those 3 losses coming against the Steelers, who many believe are the best team in football, the Saints who are defending Super Bowl Champs, and the Falcons who are a very dangerous team with a very potent offense. The Bucs are the 28th youngest team in the league this year and maybe people have taken that for granted. Raheem has the defense laying hat, and Josh Freeman has been improving every single game.

MVPPeyton Manning, QB Indianapolis Colts – I hate this guy. I really do. I’ve hated “Seyton” since his days in ugly orange at Tennessee, but the guy can throw the rock around. So far this year he’s got 2,478 yards with 16 TDs to only 4 INTs, and that is with a depleted receiving core. Look for Peyton to keep putting up big numbers and take home yet another MVP trophy at year’s end.

Offensive Player of the YearPhilip Rivers, QB San Diego Chargers – If it wasn’t for his team being under .500, Rivers would be a lock for MVP. He’s on pace to throw for 3 million yards this season and has a QB rating of 102.9, which ranks third among quarterbacks in the league behind only Mike Vick and Vince Young (really, that is not a typo), coupled with the most TDs in the league (19). This guy gets his stats every week. If the Chargers can make a push and get to the playoffs, Rivers may take the MVP award home, leaving Peyton empty handed.

Defensive Player of the YearJames Harrison, LB Pittsburgh Steelers – This was really a tossup between Harrison and Clay Matthews of the Packers. Harrison takes the edge while trailing Matthews in overall sacks because Harrison has more overall tackles, more INTs and just has a way of getting it done week in and week out.

Offensive Rookie of the YearMike Williams, WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers –  Williams leads all rookies in receptions with 36, yards with 559, and receiving TDs with 5. He is and has been the Bucs #1 WR since training camp and has the offense in Tampa looking a lot better than it has in recent years. The only player who may come close to taking this trophy away from Williams is Rams rookie QB Sam Bradford.

Defensive Rookie of the YearEric Berry, S Kansas City Chiefs – This is one race that is still wide open for the taking. Berry gets the nod thus far for having 45 tackles, 2 INTs and a Forced Fumble, and being on the Chiefs who surprised just about everyone with their play this year.

Comeback Player of the YearMike Vick, QB Philadelphia Eagles – Vick has the best QB rating in the league at 105.3, and having 261 yards rushing in only 5 games played (two of which he didn’t play the whole game). He has been nothing short of the most entertaining player on the field at all times no matter who the opponent is and has show vast improvement in his passing game since his “me first” days in Atlanta.

So there you have it. Agree? Disagree? Let me know why in the comments.